About us

Based out of Long Island, New York, the Knot For Land family has grown a strong passion for everything that involves the water.

Knot For Land is a lifestyle brand that shows your love for the water.  We all enjoy being on the water, having fun, relaxing, and making memories with family and friends.  Our lives wouldn't be the same if we were always stuck on land.  We want you to join our family and show your love for the water.  When you wear our brand, it doesn't only look cool, but it also tells a story.  A story that says you are Knot For Land! 

The Knot For Land family is extremely passionate about preserving the marine environment.  In order to help protect it for the years ahead, we have partnered with Operation Splash, by becoming a lifetime member to their organization as well as pledging to donate 10% of our profits!